Thursday, January 12, 2006

Think my 2006 resolution was to blog more?

Too crazy. I haven't been knitting much-- my right shoulder was killing me (my left knee also). Between my optometry training & my Google med school degree, I've diagnosed it as a digestive problem. I'm taking acidophilus, and it's feeling better... in case you care.

I did finish 1 sock for Jonathan & am ready to start the heel flap of the 2nd.

Work has been absolutely bonkers. Rachel has been out sick (but she's back)... and the schedule has been consistently busy... we hired two new staff people... it's all crazy, but good... except tonight, which kind of sucked... A LOT. We're trying to get caught up from crazy December... and get ready for our annual meeting (and spa trip, woo hoo!) Tuesday. We were so ready to have a catch-up day tomorrow... then found out today that our computers will be down for 6+ hours tomorrow while we switch to a new server... Ugh.

Sam is in a huge daddy phase-- he wants nothing to do with me-- "No, Mommy! You go in bedroom! Daddy is playing this game with me!" Yes that is lovely to hear... talk about cold pricklies! Evil boy. Eh... it's okay... Elefun is not so fun after the first 8 billion times.

I will take pictures & post soon.


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