Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gary Gerber might well be the coolest person I know.

I'm thinking knitters don't really care. However, I have no other public forum... so this is what you get.

This man makes like $3000 AN HOUR to speak for some really big & important corporate clients. I asked him (in a joking sort of way) to speak at our practice's annual meeting yesterday... and he did. For free. Just because. It was awesome. Really. We spent the morning discussing customer service & ways to provide better care to our patients... and then Gary showed up & talked about the Ritz-Carlton, and how they provide the best care to their customers, and how we can relate that to our practice... so cool.

Then we all (us & our staff-- not Gary, although he was invited) went to the spa for some well-earned relaxation & stress relief. Aaaaaaaah. Sylvia the massage therapist is also a pretty cool person.

We had 2 new hires start today. So far so good. We'll see who comes back tomorrow. I am, as you know, difficult to work for.

THEN, tonight, we do a conference call with Gary & his clients on frame inventory management. Oh I am freaking out. I am slightly tempted to leave Sam here alone & go count our frames. Don't worry, I won't. If Jonathan was home, though, I think I'd be in the car on the way to the office right now.

Ok. Gotta chill out. Going to knit... (have to finish Jonathan's socks, so I can start a 'thank you' pair for Gary!)


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