Saturday, December 10, 2005

I've been knitting a shrug. It's for Sue's niece. Sue has two nieces, and she gets them matching gifts. Last year, she made them great ponchos. This year, she was making them shrugs. Then, Sue got tendonitis, or something. It hurts her to knit (oh, the horror!). SO... her friend Elizabeth offered to knit one of the shrugs. Of course, I offered to knit the other. (I swear I was thinking about offering, even before Elizabeth did, but I thought Sue would be offended... really!) Anyway, I've had lots of knitting time, and here is my progress.

The pattern is the ribbed shrug from Interweave knits. It's about a toddler and a half long.

I'm actually working on the bind-off edge now. It's some fancy-schmancy bind-off that Sue learned at Stitches. It takes approximately 48 times longer than a traditional bind-off... but I think it is worth the effort. It really looks good!

Sam thinks I should stop knitting & go outside and play in the snow!


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