Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The top-secret WIP was a miserable failure... yesterday, it all got ripped out... I may pick up & try again in a couple of months.

The Matinee Jacket is coming along splendidly... finished the fronts (ack! I can't believe there is no finishing on the neck or front edges... I might have to add some!) I have about 2" done on the sleeves-- if all goes according to plan, I may finish this on our non-Thanksgiving road trip.

Yes, the vegetarians have figured out how to skip Thanksgiving all together-- avoiding the awkward invitations of family members, "Are you still on "that diet?"...(UM, YES, 12 YEARS LATER, WHY YES I AM!!!) Well, you're certainly welcome to come, but I just can't imagine what you'd eat..." (SIDE DISHES. VEGETABLES. DUH! NOT EVERYTHING IS MADE OF TURKEY!)... or conversely avoiding the awkward responses to our invitation... "Um, okay, I guess... we could always stop at McDonalds on the way home... you're not serving that Tofurkey again, are you???"... and don't even get me started on what happens if we bring our own dish "to share" and it's something SO complex like mashed potatoes or vegetable stew, that everyone assumes it's made with tofu and avoids it like the plague...

So, anyway, we are skipping the whole event, and heading for Canada, where Thanksgiving was over a month ago, and stores and restaurants are open Thursday, and the Indian food will be hot and plentiful. There's even a knitting book event Thursday night... I could handle that... Sam may be disappointed when he realizes we've missed Thanksgiving-- his wonderful teachers have spent the entire month of November brainwashing him to answer "What do you do on Thanksgiving?" with "I EAT turkey!"

Here's hoping the road trip goes smoothly. Jonathan has mapped out all of the Chuck E. Cheese, Wegmans, and shopping mall locations between here & Toronto... we're planning plenty of stops and snacks...


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