Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sorry. I have a top-secret WIP I've been working on-- it's not quite going as smoothly as planned, and it's been taking a lot of my energy.

However... I do have some new blog-worthy fodder.

My dad has friends (Age 57 & 41) who just had their first baby. My dad decided he wanted to get them something different & unique and really special... did I have any ideas? I suggested he could commission a cashmere sweater... he readily agreed... so this is the back of the Debbie Bliss Matinee Coat, in baby cashmerino. Yum.

At some point, I had a ball of Dale Baby Ull & no desire to work on any existing projects. I started (and have almost finished) yet another Aran Watch Cap... I just have to find another circular in the right size, and work the last few rows.

We took Sam to the "Please Touch Museum" in Philadelphia today-- among other things, they had a little supermarket exhibit, where he got a pint-sized shopping cart, and roamed around the "store" picking out all of the food he wanted to buy.

Should I be worried about my little vegan boy?


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