Monday, November 28, 2005

The road trip was a success!

We broke the trip into small pieces, stopping every hour or two at a mall, supermarket, or Chuck E. Cheese to let Sam run around a bit. Sam liked staying in hotels ("I watch TV while I get my diaper changed!"), he liked pointing at all the trucks and cars on the road, and all the "M for Mommy's" Mobil & McDonalds, and he especially liked the frigid Canadian weather we encountered at our stop in Niagara Falls.

We got to spend some quality time with Granny & Auntie Lara, and we got to see Joel & meet his lovely wife-to-be.

I got some much needed R&R... and some knitting time. The Matinee Coat is ready for finishing.

However, I stopped at a fabric store to pick up a crochet hook to do the edging (it's written for knitting, but it seems crazy to knit picot)... and they had Lion Brand Cotton on sale (discontinued colors)... and I had just read in our travel journal about the time I bought cotton yarn & crocheted 3 potholders on the way home from Toronto... and I just had to buy some...

These potholders are really cool. Last time I knit a potholder, it led to a 4 or 5 month obsession, which resulted in more potholders than I knew what to do with. We'll see what happens this time around.


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