Sunday, October 23, 2005

Road Trip!

We went to see Bruce Springsteen in Providence on Friday night. Sam stayed with "Grandma Shell"-- it was our first time leaving him for a non-work purpose (oh, the guilt!). My shoulder was really hurting, so I intentionally did not bring knitting (ack!)

Lunch Friday-- Bloodroot, in Bridgeport CT. (Jonathan researches all of these roadtrips out on HappyCow.Net, so there are always good veggie food stops on the way.) Imagine my surprise when on the front door of Bloodroot, there's a sign, advertising Wednesday night knitting circle!!! Even better... we get inside... there is a little book shop with an entire section devoted to KNITTING. They had good books too-- off the beaten path kind of stuff. I didn't buy any, but I was sad when they called our name & our food was ready. It's an interesting place-- self-serve restaurant-- you order at the front, bus your own table-- no waitress, no tipping. Food was good-- Jonathan had a veggie burger that was really good on its own-- usually we load those puppies up with condiments to get them to taste good. I had an avocado sandwich-- on little toasts with some sort of sun-dried tomato spread... very good. They had 2 spinning wheels there, and yarn and fiber... happy surprise!

Dinner Friday-- Melanie's Vegan Eden in Providence. Let's just say we were inspired to look at Providence real estate-- that is how good this place was. It was all "comfort foods" made with vegan ingredients. We had something that REALLY resembled chicken wings as an appetizer-- they even had a little wooden dowel for a bone-- I've had my share of fake chicken, and this was THE BEST. I have to figure out how to make something similar for Jonathan-- he had a look in his eyes as he was eating these that I haven't seen since... well, let's just say it's been a while. I had macaroni & cheese for dinner (how cool to order that in a restaurant!)... Jonathan had some other chicken dish-- both really good. We had an ice cream sundae for dessert-- caramel topping-- all vegan-- all delicious. Suddenly, a 4-hour road trip just for dinner seems possible!

The Bruce concert was really good Friday night. It was blissful to sleep in a hotel, and not have anyone waking us up at 6:45 a.m. to play cars.

Saturday morning, we stopped at A Stitch Above. Cute store! They sold socks and other knitted items, in addition to yarns. I wasn't there for very long-- but they had a pretty wide selection for a fairly small space-- some novelty stuff, but not too much-- lots of wools & alpacas & mohairs & beautiful things. I just bought some pink & white washable wool that will either become something for daycare pal Brandy, or Andrea's new baby Katie.

Lunch Saturday-- It's Only Natural in Middletown, CT. At this point, I was veg-fooded-out... but managed to enjoy steamed dumplings & some kind of fake crab cake. I don't think I ever liked "real" crab cakes, when I ate such things-- I'm not sure what inspired me to order this. It was a little too fried, and I was a little too full, before even starting... but it was good (pumpkin pie was awesome), and we got to see our friends David & Leora, which would have made even a trip to McDonalds well worthwhile! Plus, David did some magical massage or something on my shoulder, which made me feel instantly better!

We were happily re-united with Sam when we got home... he had lots of fun with Grandma Shell, and seems to be getting back into his normal routine quite easily.

I'm working on Threadybear-- will post pictures soon.


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