Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ah... nothing like an episode of Lost to drive me away from the TV, and up to the computer to blog for the first time in weeks. I know everyone else in the world loves that show. I can't stand it.

Knitting. OK. I decided to finish the last hat in solid blue. I forgot to take a picture, and my camera's at work. It doesn't look bad... perhaps it looks almost intentional.

I started (and finished) another hat-- the Fana Hat from Hats On!, which for the record, might be one of my favorite useful pattern books of all time. I modified a little bit, because I was using Dale Baby Ull, so was getting a much smaller gauge-- but it came out really cute. I can't believe I made this!

Of course, there are few mistakes-- I was knitting at Barnes & Noble when I noticed them a few rows back... I had no "equipment" to fix them (I really need a Carriellen bag!)... so the choice was stop knitting, or continue past them. Of course I chose to continue knitting! I can hear Sue's voice... "it will never be noticed on a galloping horse..." and you know what? She's right!

(This is more of a strolling pony, but you get the picture)

Sam wore the hat out to Terhune Orchards last weekend-- very fun! We picked apples, and I wore homemade socks! I love fall!

And on a personal note... was it only a year ago that I was shamelessly commenting all over the Greater Toronto Knitbloggers ring, looking for a girl for Joel? Well, I look no more... Joel has found his b'shert--Mazel Tov Joel & Danielle on your engagement!

(Joel, don't even act embarrassed... you know you totally sent me that picture hoping it would end up here.)


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