Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Look! My Sockapal2za socks have arrived!!!

Sam thinks they make suitable roads for his cars. I think they are GREAT. They fit PERFECTLY, they are so soft (Koigu!) and best of all, they were made just for me by someone who doesn't even know me! Kathy in MN (no blog, so I can't link)... THANK YOU for making these socks for me.

The socks for my sock pal will go out today... occasionally, I am fairly awestruck by the concept of 350 pairs of handknit socks all flinging their way around the world at the same time.

One day I will get around to doing these memes... I was happy to be tagged-- makes me feel like a "real" blogger 2 years later. Right now, work is a bit crazy. Someone moved my cheese again, and I have to take a few days & remember what exactly I'm doing in this maze anyway, and why I wanted to get to the cheese in the first place, before choosing my new path.


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