Thursday, September 29, 2005

I haven't been posting... or reading e-mails... or cleaning... or doing much of anything except KNITTING since I got back from Stitches.

I took a great class with Beth Brown-Reinsel, called "Fair Isle Tams". I made this.

The tam part, I really don't care too much about. The fair isle part... wow! I had been using the Philsopher's Wool method of weaving every stitch, holding one yarn in each hand... and I liked doing it, but wasn't thrilled with how uneven my stitches were.

Beth taught a method of holding both colors in the left hand, and stranding... what a huge difference! I got back & immediately started a 2-color watch cap from the book "Hats On" (which I love). I told Jonathan if I had a real job, I would have called in sick to stay home and knit... I did go to work, but couldn't wait to get home and knit... here's the result.

(You know I have to like this hat a LOT to showcase it instead of my baby's face!!!)

Did you ever have one of those projects where you can't even believe what's coming off of the needles!?! Pretty cool, right?

And in case you don't believe that I did NOTHING else until this was finished... here is the disaster AKA my house last night.

Don't call DYFS... I cleaned today. I also attempted to cook spinach pies with phyllo dough. Let's just say I'll be sticking to knitting.


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