Sunday, September 04, 2005

Even after finding my notes on the cardigan, I still finished Shedir. How do we pronounce Shedir anyway-- SHED-ear? She-DIR? In any event, it's done... I love it. I don't know who it's for yet-- perhaps someone with a large head who doesn't mind having hat hair... or who has no hair. Public Service Announcement: You still have to twist the M1's... even if you're M'ing them on a purl stitch. (For this one, we will call those funky little holes design elements)

Then, despite the September 15th Sockapal2za deadline looming in the distance, I started a front to the cardigan. 43 stitches a row... zoom zoom zoom... fast knitting. My plan is to work both fronts separately for the first 108 rows (yes, I'm counting- I really want this to come out great!) and then work them together for the armhole and neck shaping. I think I have about 80 rows done on this one.

It looks so narrow-- it's a ribbed pattern, that blocks into a whole other fabric. The swatch that I knitted and blocked has held its shape extremely well-- so I'm counting on the sweater to do the same.

And lastly, with gentle encouragement from Sue ("Why don't you just take 3 nights and finish the sock?") I picked up my 2nd sock pal sock. I e-mailed Sue to tell her she'd be so proud... I had gotten the ankle done and was ready to start the heel flap... she e-mailed back "How's the sweater coming?" (and they call me an enabler)

Wishing everyone a relaxing labor day weekend...


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