Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My boy is 2!

Happy Birthday, Baby!

You make me smile every day-- especially when you wake up in a cheerful mood, saying "Be up, Mommy! Be up, Daddy!" You'll snuggle in our bed for all of 30 seconds before begging us to "Open door! Light on! Play cars!"... and when you walk out into the living room, you greet all of your toys-- "Good morning, Thomas! Good morning, Dinosaur! Good morning, cars!"

You love to eat breakfast-- one of your favorites is yogurt, and now you are quite specific about which flavor yogurt you want! "Berry yogurt, Mommy. Berry!" Sometimes you want cereal "with noy milk" just like Daddy... or waffles like Mommy.

You pick which specific cars you want to take with you on the ride to school that day-- so many cars, and you know each one by name-- "New orange car! White bus! Black no-roof!" (that's 'convertible' for those who don't speak Sam) You always have a car in each hand, and off to school we go. You buckle your own seatbelt "No Mommy, mines!" and pick music for our traveling pleasure... "Dockarino! (Victor Vito)... Again!... Again!... Again!"

You still get a little sad when we drop you off at school. It's okay-- I get sad too! You don't really cry at drop-off anymore-- but I do get a BIG hug and "keesh" before you run to play with your friends. You know all the names of the kids in your class-- the ones you talk about most are "Mu-el" (Schmuel), Isaac, and Aryeh.

When I pick you up, you always run to greet me, and proudly walk me around, so you can show me your artwork "I made 'dis one!" and brag to your friends, "MY mommy!" You want me to carry you to my car-- "Pick 'em up, Mommy!". You point out landmarks, cars and road signs on the way home... you know we're going "unner a breedge" a quarter mile before we even see the bridge... and I find myself slowing down on Route 1, to drive next to big trucks, and hit more traffic lights... especially if we can find "Lookit! A yellow one!"

At home, you love to play with "Non-Non" next door-- even though he's 5, you want to do everything he does. On hot days, we water flowers, and you run and play in the spray from the hose-- you love water-- hose, pool, fountains, bath (most of the time).

We eat dinner... your favorite food of late is "Ninach nunchies" (aka Spinach Munchies)... and then we have a little time to play with cars before it's time to get into pajamas and start the bedtime routine. You carefully select cars to take to bed, and off we go... new diaper, pajamas, brush teeth, bottle, and then books-- lately you are loving "Flush The Potty" (complete with realistic flushing noise), "Pajama Time" (which you read along with us), "I Have To Go", and "Jane" (an animal adventure). When we get to the last book, you yell to your stuffed animal "Last Book, Jeero!" and then we say good night to all of our stuffed animals, and to you, and ever since that one fateful night when Daddy & I watched SuperNanny, you go to sleep easily by yourself in your crib.

I love you so much, bug-a-boodle, and I'm thrilled to be able to share the world with you. Happy 2nd birthday!


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