Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I've been working on the baby blanket for Michael and Elana's baby... I think I'm on square 42 of 55... I was halfway through square 43, but realized I had put it in the wrong place- randomly jutting out of the side of the blanket, nowhere near its intended location... so, as they say, I'm back to square 42.

Sam says, "What do you mean this is for someone else???"

So I haven't mentioned-- I won an iPod (now you say "I two an iPod," and I'll say "I three an iPod" etc, until you say "I eight an iPod" and I say "Wow, you must have been hungry"... ok, I digress. So really, I won an iPod, through PNC Bank online bill pay-- yep, paid a bill, won an iPod.

I was really excited to have one... until I realized that it is actually work to put the music on and everything. Like it could be a whole hobby... and if you haven't noticed, I already have an addictive hobby that takes up way too much of my time. I got as far as downloading iTunes though... maybe tonight I'll put a song or two on there. I really thought Jonathan would get into it and take care of this part, but he hasn't shown much interest... I thought I had him into it when I caught him looking on the website at iPods and accessories this morning-- turns out he was trying to find out how much we could sell it for!!!

By the way, happy Pam-day everyone! (Today was Pam's 1-year work anniversary. We celebrated Pam-day with bolis and jello pie.)


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