Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm rambling along on the rambling rows. Square 50 of 55, I think. Michael & Elana went to Florida to meet with the birth parents this weekend-- I am so hoping that everything went smoothly, and that they get to take this baby home in September.

Sam helped out with the picture once again. Can you tell we're in a sticker phase? Unfortunately, these weren't "real" stickers-- they were the scraps from the CD labels I made for the mix CD we're giving to Sam's friends for his birthday. When I put them on the CD's, I marvelled at just how sticky they were. So of course the next logical step is to stick them on my child, no? Let's just say 48 hours later, we are still scrubbing away the last remnants.

We had Sam's birthday party yesterday-- his birthday's not til Wednesday, but between Grandma Vera's very busy social calendar, and the family trip to the Wiggles concert next weekend, it worked out that yesterday was the best day to have it.

Sam tolerated the party very well (much better than his mommy)! He was happy to see all the guests, especially once he realized that although most of them have babysat at one time or another, this time Mommy and Daddy were staying put. He loved ALL of his presents of course-- and delighted the guests by playing with every single one! He happily sang "Rain Rain Go Away" and "Happy Birthday" on command... and he LOVED "Cookie Monster! On a cake!" Sue decorated this for him-- isn't she awesome???

We'll bring cupcakes to daycare on Wednesday, and then we'll do something fun as a family on Thursday-- maybe Sesame Place.


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