Monday, August 22, 2005

Finally, Sam uttered those words I've been longing to hear... "My yarn, Mommy?"

I said "It's Mommy's yarn. I'm making a blanket for Baby Chloe. Do you want to help?" He said, "Yeah." So up in the chair he went...

He watched me crocheting for all of 23 seconds... then decided that "Hide and Seek" was much more interesting.

Nonetheless, the next picture I post of this blanket should be a finished object shot. All the knitting is done, and I crocheted the edging. I just have to weave in the 1,940,362 ends, and block, and it will be finished.

Minimal knitting yesterday (except for the preemie hat I started & finished at Sue's).

The entire family went to see "Wiggles Live!" in Philadelphia. So cute-- it was really a good show. The funniest part was watching all of the little kids do the hand motions to all the songs... and watching the mommies and daddies (who used to be cool) singing along at the top of their lungs.

Sam is mildly obsessing over Captain Feathersword. Sam must have some optometry in his blood-- he keeps asking over and over and over (and over!) again "What 'appen to 'is eye?" I told him Captain wears a patch. "But what 'appen, Mommy?" And me, in mommy mode instead of eye doctor mode, told him "He scratched it with his hook." So now, he asks (continuously)... "What 'appen? He scratch with a hook?" which is really cute until he runs into one of my eye-patch-wearing patients in the grocery store...


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