Monday, May 09, 2005

Maryland Sheep & Wool was a great place to spend Mother's Day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We saw lots of dads hanging out with kids while moms shopped for yarn.

Sam liked eating outside in the grass.

He also liked ALL of the sheep. He says "BAAAAAAA!"

Sue had expressed concern that the event seemed "too sheepy" and "not yarny enough."... oh SO not so. This is just one of so many yarn booths-- this one from Kid Hollow Farms,

...where I bought this incredibly colored wool/mohair blend to make something for myself.

After online consultation with the esteemed jw, I think I am going to make the Time In A Bottle sweater from the Fall 2004 Knitter's.

Another favorite booth was Shelridge Farms. They were very smart, and had many things in kits... just the antidote for the overwhelmed first-time MDS&W visitor.

I bought a kit to make a little sweater for Sam, with brightly colored fish on the front pouch. I have heard that toddlers often refuse to wear lovingly knitted items, so I am hoping the fish (he says "feeesh") will be an enticement.

I also bought a few other goodies, that may become sweaters for him as well.

All good stuff... I can't wait to get started. The best part? Jonathan loved Great Sage so much that it will be a no-brainer to get him to go back! Anyone know a good veggie place in Rhinebeck???


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