Sunday, May 22, 2005

I've been neglecting the blog this week. I think it's just that I'm knitting two very plain projects in navy blue-- and it isn't all that exciting to watch their progress.

I finished the back and sleeves on the "feesh" pouch sweater for Sam. I started the front, and realized that one of the main colors of the pouch (the light blue) had been left out of the kit! So I e-mailed Buffy at Shelridge Farms, and she is sending it out... but the progress on that is stalled for now.

So I went back to working on jw's sock. I'm more than halfway through the foot of the first sock.

I think I have to cast on something else though... perhaps something NOT navy blue. The sock will be a good travel project for our trip to Colorado on Friday... but I need something else to work on while I'm there, especially because I'm not sure how early in our week I'll get to Showers Of Flowers (uh oh... I notice they're hiring... I may decide to stay!)

Speaking of hiring, I interviewed a guy who had found and read my blog in preparation for his interview. Hee hee. Very impressive. (Hi Eric, if my riveting banter has you hooked!)

And speaking of nothing... we took Sam strawberry picking this morning.

Despite this particular photo, he was actually quite good at picking out the red ones. Of course, his favorite part was eating them...


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