Monday, May 23, 2005

I never really use my knitting blog to promote optical products... but I really have to share.

We just got the line of Maui Jim sunglasses in the office today. I wore a pair out this afternoon, to pick Sam up at daycare. These things are AWESOME. The optical properties of these lenses are absolutely unbelievable-- and are so far superior to any other sunglasses I have ever worn.

The lenses are polarized, are slightly mirrored on the front surface, and have anti-reflective treatment on the back surface-- triple glare blocking properties (patented lens technology, the reps tell us)-- you don't feel like you're looking through sunglasses, or any glasses-- you just have crisp, clear, bright, perfectly comfortable vision, even in direct sunlight. Even cooler, we can order them in a prescription-- Maui Jim has their own lens lab, so prescription lenses are made with the same lens technology.

These are worth trying. I think we're going to do a "test drive" program at the office-- let people come by, take a pair out and drive around for 15 minutes... the difference is incredible.


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