Sunday, May 01, 2005

Here it is, jw, your future sock!

My BOOBfriend jw is very crafty, in an artistic sort of way. (I am crafty in a follow-patterns sort of way). She took a class on symmetric wire-bending (I'm sure it has a more technical name) but she learned to make these awesome swirly wire things with beads, which I think will make absolutely gorgeous stitch markers.

So we set up an exchange-- she will make me stitch markers, and I will make her socks.

She said that I could either make something conservative that she could wear under her pants to work... or something really wild.

Oddly, I decided to go very conservative-- I figured she can knit a self-striping sock herself, and it is a true friend who will knit someone (with size 9.5 feet) a solid navy blue sock. My handknit 2x2 ribbed socks are my absolute favorites to wear-- so I hope these will be her favorites as well. The yarn is Regia Silk... combined with the ribbing, it feels so soft and squishy.

I will probably start something else this week to knit concurrently (what IS up with me knitting only one thing at once lately?)-- I'm thinking something with a little visual interest for more interesting pictures-- but I will update sock progress periodically. They should be done just in time for summer :)


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