Monday, April 25, 2005

What's more boring than watching someone blog about knitting a sock?

Watching someone blog about knitting the other sock!

Yes, the second sock continues... it's almost done. I have plans for many more socks that I want to start. I did buy another set of needles so I can have two socks going at a time... but for now, I plug along on these.

My M-I-L was down from Toronto for the weekend-- it was fun to see her, and Sam had a great time with his "nonny" (we're aiming for Granny, but "nonny" is what comes out) He also calls her "daddysmommy" which is very cute.

She got in Friday afternoon, we had Indian dinner... Saturday morning, she babysat along with my dad. Sam was very confused when "mommysdaddy" and "daddysmommy" were in the same room. We had first Seder at my grandmother's Saturday night, did some outlet shopping Sunday morning (I bought some very small pants hee hee) and then Sunday evening, she went home. We'll get to see her again in July, when we go up to Toronto.

And in work news, our new office manager Carl started today.

I am really excited to have him at the office-- Ultimately, he will take over a lot of the day-to-day management and administrative stuff that I was doing, leaving me more time for knitting... I mean, er, seeing patients and growing our practice. It is interesting-- already, one of the frame salesmen in the office assumed that the tie-clad man in the office was the doctor, and I was just one of "the girls"... which is fine by me. We'll just buy less from his company :)


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