Saturday, April 16, 2005

We had the best day today! Sue, Carriellen & I have been planning a trip back to the Woolly Lamb ever since we walked out the door last time we were there. Sue got a 20% off coupon from them for her birthday... and I had gotten her a gift certificate as a present-- so we were set to shop!

Well... we got to the store, and found a sign saying "Yarn Sale-- Cash & Carry, in the Courtyard"... so we headed around back, and found BINS and BINS and BINS of awesome incredible yarn... ALL 40% OFF! It was pretty awesome-- most times a store will advertise a yarn sale, and the really good clearance stuff will be all novelty, or all icky colors, or odd balls. This was totally different. They had everything out there-- from 100% acrylic Peter Pan stuff... to cashmere, and cashmere/silk blends... to alpaca... to 100% wool... to EVERYTHING... and plenty of skeins in the same dye lot...

We went a bit nuts. Here we are showing off just a few of our purchases. We literally had 7 full shopping bags of yarn.

I bought a bunch of Dale Falk to make a sweater for Sam for next winter, and 2 skeins of Lobster Pot Cashmere, just because it was 40% off... and an alpaca/wool blend to make a sweater for myself... some brown wool that will be incredible felted, and some sock yarn (YES, it's for you jw, so start working on those stitch markers). I should have bought more. But, the good news is that this sale goes on every Saturday through the end of May! And, the owner said that there is new stuff out each week-- it's not just dwindling stock. So, I guess we'll just have to go back.

I have been working on the fir cone lace sweater-- all the pieces are done, and half of it is seamed.

I'm planning to sew up the rest tonight, and can't wait to start something new!


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