Sunday, March 20, 2005

Yes... there has been a serious lack of blogging... but not for lack of knitting!

I finished the Broadripple socks, and immediately wore them.

They are a tad narrow. If they don't fit after I wash them, I will send them to my friend Kim, who has the same size feet I do, but tiny legs and ankles.

I immediately started a new pair of socks (no photo yet) with yarn I bought in Toronto.

THEN... although April 1st is still 2 weeks away, I decided it was time to end the yarn diet. See, I have jury duty tomorrow, and needed a good jury duty project... and then we have KnitWits next Saturday... and Stitch & Chat the following Sunday. I figured it was time. So yesterday, Sue, Carriellen & I took a trip to The Woolly Lamb down in Pennington. I got 2 summer yarns-- will post photos later-- but both will make nice baby gifts-- I figure someone has to have a girl eventually!

On the way to the Woolly Lamb, we dropped Sam off with Jonathan... and mentioned to Jonathan's boss that we were going yarn shopping. She excitedly asked if we had heard that Glenmarle Woolworks was having a big sale (we hadn't heard)... so we made it a point to stop there on the way home. I didn't buy any more yarn, but did get a Rowan pattern book (it's in my car and I can't remember which at the moment) and came home and started a sweater from the book in one of the new yarns.

After all that, I will probably bring my sock to jury duty (I'm working on the foot)... do you think they let you knit if you get picked for a trial? "Excuse me, your honor, can you repeat that key piece of evidence please... I was counting."


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