Sunday, March 06, 2005

With the leftover yarn from Sam's sweater, I made a matching ball.

What? Your kids don't have knitted balls to match every sweater?

Then, I fully intended to go back to the Broadripple sock. I'm in the middle of knitting the heel flap... but Sue was over, and the Apprentice was coming on, and I didn't feel like turning the heel and picking up the stitches were good TV knitting... and the pink Microspun was just sitting on the shelf looking at me... so it became this:

Another Aran Watch Cap. This fits around my head, but is short on height. I think it would work for a younger person. Good thing I have no idea who I made it for.

Now I'm really going back to the sock... but I do need another project going. I think I need to do some baby things-- I have 2 sets of friends waiting for adoptive babies, so I'm not going to have much notice on those... and my college roommate is pregnant... so I'm thinking about some gift knitting.


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