Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Long post-- a lot happens in a week.

I will start with the story of "How Our Family Ruined Easter."

On Easter Sunday, we took Sam to a local park. We were the only ones there. Sam was running around, in his adorable toddler way, and stumbled across a brighly colored egg.

Oh, thought we... this particular park must have hosted an Easter Egg hunt the day before... and the Christian children must have missed one. So Sam picked up the egg, and played with it... and threw it (cracking the shell)... and retrieved it... and threw it again... until he was distracted by another brightly colored egg.

Although the egg seemed to be in an obvious place, we assumed it was another leftover from the egg hunt... and as Sam continued to explore, we came across nearly a dozen eggs...

Fast forward a few minutes to a minivan pulling into the parking lot, releasing three excited children with empty Easter Baskets. "Where should we look, Daddy!?!" they cried excitedly. "Oh shit," thought we, sheepishly.

Fortunately, by this point, Sam had grown tired of playing with the eggs, and had tossed them back into various places around the park... so the kids got to find them, although the parents looked a bit perplexed that all the eggs were moved and broken. We apologized to the family... but how were we supposed to know that these were someone else's eggs??? What's the significance of eggs for Easter anyway?

What? This is supposed to be about knitting? Fine.

I knitted a sock. It was going to be for Jonathan. After I passed the point where it is too big for my foot, Jonathan decided that it was a little bit feminine for him... so it will be for one of my Boobfriends. Not sure who yet-- I asked them all for shoe sizes-- as they say, "if the sock fits..."

I made a smaller version for Sam, who doesn't seem bothered by the feminine nature of the sock. He liked his one sock, and wore it all morning. Then he pooped. A lot. He hates having his diaper changed... and was kicking frantically during the diaper change process... squish... needless to say, that single tiny sock is now in the washing machine.

I have the baby sweater almost finished. I almost finished it at Knit Wits (also known as me, Sue & Carriellen hanging out knitting)... and haven't worked on it since, but here it is.

And I leave you with a public service announcement. If you are going to take pictures of your child in the kitchen, be aware of anything you may have spelled with the alphabet magnets on the refrigerator, and consider whether this makes an appropriate backdrop for a smiling toddler.


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