Thursday, February 24, 2005

With only a week left in February (eek!) I think it's about time to prove that I've made some progress on my project for the February Fix-A-Thon!

If you recall... I bought some superwash merino wool at Stitches East, to make a sweater for Sam. I started a basic moss stitch sweater, and unfortunately ran out of yarn right at the end of the project... so the sweater ended up looking like this (other freakishly small sleeve not pictured).

This was destined for the cabinet of unfinished projects... until I read about the fix-a-thon and decided this would be a perfect opportunity to rise above my usual "if it doesn't work the first time, stick it in a drawer and ignore it" philosophy, and try to re-use the yarn that I really really like.

So I've started this: a basic stockinette stitch sweater, in what is supposed to be a smaller size (I definitely cast on fewer stitches, but the picture is making me nervous that I made this too long!).

I am already freaking about running out of yarn again. I don't know that I have a 3rd-time's-the-charm bone in my body... I hear short sleeved wool sweaters will be all the rage this fall.

We ordered a postage scale at work. I am thinking this will come in really handy in helping me avoid this problem in the future.


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