Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today is Sam's half-birthday. He's 18 months old! Half birthdays are a "thing" in my family (although there is other stuff going on, so everyone else forgot) Jonathan and I took the day off to spend with Sam-- we went to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. Sam really liked it-- although he has a cold (and now so do the zillion other kids that touched all the things he touched at the museum!)

I do knit... Monday or Tuesday night, I accidentally left the Broadripple sock-in-progress in the car, so rather than walking out the 20 feet to get it, I started something new-- a hat, in leftover Microspun (look familiar, Sue?)... this will be for Sam's daycare buddy (the teachers report Sam kisses her often... are they more than buddies?) Brandy, who is turning 1 this week.

I have a bad cold-- I think sharing straws and spoons with a sniffly (but very cute) baby has something to do with it. My head feels like it weighs about 40 pounds, and medicine that is supposed to work for 12 hours is working for about 20 minutes. Blech.

A cute RAOK from Wendy of CatKnits cheered me up, though-- an adorable little sheep, converation hearts, and card... Thank you so much Wendy, what a nice surprise!


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