Thursday, February 10, 2005

My image hosting site isn't letting me upload, so no pictures today.

I've been working on the Broadripple sock. I'm almost ready to start the toe on sock #1. I like the pattern a lot and the yarn a lot, and find that I am looking forward to knitting this all the time.

I also started my February Fix-It project. I ripped out the blue sweater with the freakishly tiny sleeves. Sam helped me wash the yarn, and we hung it up to dry. Sam was pretty funny after that-- he went around the house picking up all the little yarn ends (don't know about your houses, but mine has lots of these) and then carrying them over and putting them in the sink. I'm glad he enjoys fiber crafts :)

I'm not sure what that yarn will become. The original sweater got ripped because I ran out of yarn... I loved it for Sam, but think I will need to make something smaller to give away to someone with a smaller child. Ah... item #1 on the shopping list for Stitches East... or maybe not, considering the yarn smelled funny and had dog hairs in it.


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