Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lots of snow in NJ this weekend-- not as much as they were predicting, but plenty nonetheless. Sam loved to look outside and point out all of the "no." You can differentiate "no" (meaning snow) from "no" (meaning... duh... no) based on whether he's excitedly pointing at the white stuff or shaking his head vigorously when asked if he wants a new diaper, or if he wants to eat anything besides blueberry soy yogurt. He's really rather cute.

We all got to wear our matching snow hats:

Speaking of hats, I've been knitting some.

The hat on the right was my car project a while back-- I finally brought it inside to finish it. It's just a plain hat, made with WoolEase, and will most likely go to Hudson Cradle with our other KnitWits charity stuff for a baby that needs it.

The hat on the left is for my patient who is starting chemo... it's made with the KPPPM that I used for the lacy poncho. I was inspired by Alison's February Fix-A-Thon, and since I wanted to use the needle from the poncho (I tried magic loop technique for this!), and knew I wasn't ever going to finish it, I thought I would go ahead and reuse the yarn as well. I used it double-stranded for this hat, which looks much better on a head than it does on my kitchen floor. I am really wishing all good things for this patient and his family. I'll send the hat out tomorrow.

My real Fix-It project will be the blue sweater with the freakishly tiny sleeves.


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