Sunday, January 02, 2005

I felt a little anxious when I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf for my dad. I am waiting on an order from Romni Wools to do the gloves for my grandmother (for the record, I have little confidence that this is being sent to me), and I am waiting on an order from Kaleidoscope Yarns, to start a project for my secret Boob Pal... and I felt like I had nothing to work on.

Of course, this is totally unfounded. I have about a billion works-in-progress to work on. It just didn't feel that way at the moment.

I picked up the sock I had started for Jonathan in Toronto. As I started working on it, I remembered something very important. I LOVE knitting socks. I love it. I knitted the sock until I went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to work on it. I felt sad when it got long enough that it clearly was going to be for Jonathan and not for me. Today, I finished the first sock of the pair.

I love knitting socks. I'm going to start the second one now, and see how much I can get done before my package arrives from Kaleidoscope Yarns on Tuesday.

Quick question: I get how to do the kitchener stitch, but get stuck with those last two stitches-- when one is on the front & the other is on the back needle... what do you do with those? No matter what I seem to do, it always looks a bit sloppy.


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