Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Here's my secret Boob-pal bag, Take 2.

The pattern is from my knitting calendar-- I don't have the official name of the pattern, or the calendar... but I like it. How's that for specific?

I didn't swatch-- the bag is felted, and I figured I couldn't be far enough off to make a difference (I'm using the actual yarn called for in the pattern!)... but after a few inches of knitting, it was looking really small. So, I measured and found my gauge was way too tight (like 4+ stitches per inch instead of 3).

Rather than going to a larger needle, I decided to keep the same needle, and just adjust the pattern to make the bag the right size-- my logic is that the tighter stitches will make the post-felted fabric a little thicker, which I think will work well for a bag. The other logic is that I didn't have the right length needle in the larger size, and didn't see myself having time to go buy it in the near future, so I worked with what I have.

So far, so good.


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