Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Sorry for the hiatus. Life gets too busy, right?

Chanukah starts tonight, and I have not quite finished one of the gloves for my grandmother. Somewhere around the 4th finger, I realized that I had somehow managed to follow the pattern completely backwards... so I started with the pinky, but was using the pattern for the index finger... etc etc. The middle finger (figures!) was okay, but the rest of them were all screwed up. So I ripped back and adjusted, until it seemed okay. The only remnant is that the index finger (which was knitted using the pinky pattern) is very far away from the thumb, and is really REALLY narrow... but that is not even my biggest problem.

My biggest problem IS that I do not have enough yarn. Again. Are we sensing a theme? And the even BIGGER problem is that I do not have the ball tag from the original yarn. I NEVER throw these things out, and have been looking for this one for days... without success. It's Katia something, but I don't even know the exact type, let alone the dye lot... so I will call Romni Wools later, and describe it (well, it's pink, and it's fuzzy... they only have about a zillion yarns there) and have them try & guess... and then send 2 balls of whatever, so that if it doesn't match, I can make a pair from the new stuff (although I'm looking for another pattern if I do that!) Needless to say, Grandma will be getting an I.O.U. for Chanukah... as well as a new computer monitor that my cousins & I are chipping in for. Not a bad haul.

However, a call to Romni Wools is not SO awful, because I also want more Regia Silk, just to have around for another pair of socks, or maybe two... here is the progress on Jonathan's sock. It looks narrow, but it fits him. (I was kind of hoping it wouldn't, because then I'd just have to make it for me)...

Lastly, Kiesha-- I don't know if you read this anymore... but if you do... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (The picture is from our office holiday party this past weekend)

Happy Chanukah, everyone... I hope that all of your yarn lasts for 8 projects (even though you only thought it would last for only one)


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