Friday, December 17, 2004

I've been knitting the "magic scarf" for my dad-- figured the yarn wasn't really going to magically turn into a scarf without my help, so I'd better start working on it.

The pattern is the Irish Hiking Scarf. Looking at the scarf doesn't do it justice... you have to FEEL it... it's really really nice. Soft, and stretchy, and soft... I think my dad will like it. It grosses me out a lot that it's going to reek of smoke within 10 seconds of him putting it on. Poor alpaca.

I got a LOT of knitting done during the Apprentice 3-hour season finale last night. I'm already looking forward to finishing this... and getting Grandma's "magic gloves" done... and hopefully finishing up a few more UFO's before I start a million new things. I've been feeling rather un-excited about the projects I'm working on, but I CAN'T start something new. I can't even count all of the things I have started at the moment... that's bad.

Sam wanted me to show you his new chair. He got it for Chanukah.

I must say (as a Jew who does not celebrate Christmas) that it is nice getting this whole holiday stress thing out of the way early. Chanukah is over. Done. No stress. Well... maybe a little, just to take care of work gifts, and something for the daycare teachers etc... but not much. It's nice.


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