Monday, December 27, 2004

I hope everyone had a good Christmas Day-- a good holiday for those who celebrate, and a relaxing day off, for those who don't. We made our annual family trip down to Maryland-- Sam was a trooper, and weathered the road trip well. I did a little bit of car knitting-- started another watch cap in WoolEase, but ended up sleeping through most of the trip (BIG shock there... not!)

I've just been working on the Irish Hiking Scarf-- I am past the halfway point.

Not to steal Stacie's "Show & Tell" idea, but I got this picture e-mailed from Sue, who is home in West Virginia for the holiday. She has been frantically knitting ponchos for her two nieces since Stitches East, and managed to get one totally done, and the other mostly done before Christmas. This is her niece (Amy?) modelling her poncho... nice job, Sue!

The office is closed today, but we're going in for a few hours to deal with some computer crap... tomorrow, it's back to regular old life.


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