Friday, November 19, 2004

Oh, the knitting angst (shouldn't that be an oxymoron?)

Sue came over last night with 2 halves of a poncho... for an evening of finishing, and Apprentice-watching. I sewed one of the sleeves onto Sam's sweater. Well remember how I ran out of yarn, and was worried they were going to be really really REALLY small. Yeah, they were. Freakishly so.

So I was obviously disappointed once the sleeve was sewed on... I think my only alternative is to take out the sleeves, and make them longer and wider with a contrasting color stripe... which is not going to be easy to find in the same exact yarn... and I'm really bad about re-doing things, but maybe just maybe this is too cute to not finish. Anyway, I didn't have the heart to take it apart last night... so I decided to wait.

Well, this morning, I tried it on Sam. What do you think?

He was wearing it over a long-sleeved shirt, and overalls... and it looks like the sleeve fits him just right. Just the sweater is big :)

So the main issue is that the whole thing is kind of disproportionate... and I don't want him to be in therapy in 23 years saying "My mom always made me these sweaters with huge bodies that she knew I couldn't live up to..." and the sweater looks funny when it's off... but if it looks cute when it's on, is that good enough? Or am I settling just to avoid more work on this sweater?

If I finish it the way it is now, he definitely won't get more than this season's wear out of it. BUT, we don't have to roll up the sleeves for him to eat and stuff like that... With bigger/longer sleeves, he would probably be able to wear it next fall too... although he grows so fast, it's hard to say for sure.

So what do you think?


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