Tuesday, November 16, 2004

It's been so long, I almost forget how to blog.

Lots going on this past week-- including some knitting.

I would have finished Sam's sweater long ago, but Carriellen (hi!) got me sidetracked by faxing me the pattern for knitted balls! Isn't that cruel? Imagine me, settling down at my desk, ready to have a good, productive day... brrrring... pfft pfft pfft pfft (that's the fax printing noise)... what's this? A quick easy project that uses up leftover yarn, AND makes something that my son will love to play with? Oh yes, then I can concentrate on work.

So I immediately knitted two. Here's one, made with leftover yarn from Sam's hoodie sweater. Yes, my son has a ball made of Cashmerino. It's very cute, in a not-really-round sort of way. Jonathan and I have been playing with it more than Sam has... suddenly "catch" is very popular in our house again.

The other one was made with leftover self-striping sock yarn... it's been played with, and now I can't find it. It's cute and small.

I had a bit of a crisis with Sam's sweater. Basically, I ran out of yarn. This was made with the skein I bought at Stitches East, so I couldn't get more. I was about 1/3 of the way through the sleeves when I realized that the yarn situation was looking dire... a contrasting color stripe on the sleeve would have helped, but I really like the colors the way they are, and wanted to keep it uniform if at all possible. So basically, I picked up and finished the neck, and then just did as much sleeve as I could, down to the very very end of the yarn (half of the bind off row of the 2nd sleeve is actually done in another yarn).

So the sleeves are a bit shorter and narrower than I would have liked, but I tried the front/back/neck on Sam, and with the drop shoulder, they will be just long enough. It will probably be better to have them short like this, now that he does things like fingerpaint and eat macaroni and soy cheese.

I'm thinking of frogging the poncho.


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