Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I finished the ankle stitches on the sock for Jonathan... and what did I do next? The heel flap? No, silly, I started some gloves. Duh...

These are going to be my grandmother's Chanukah present. It all started because Grandma was going on and on one day about how very "in" shawls and ponchos are these days. I, in a really egotistical way, assumed that this was a hint that she'd like me to knit one for her. I didn't want to make her something she wouldn't like, so I told her that I would like to knit her a shawl for Chanukah, and asked if she had any preferences. She said she didn't think she'd wear a shawl(?!?), so I offered to make her socks. She didn't think that hand-knit socks would fit in her shoes. So she said "How about gloves?". Okay... I can do gloves (although I never have). Then she debated for a while about whether she wanted the gloves to be black or hot pink, and settled on hot pink... so while I was in Toronto, I bought a pattern & yarn for these. I also bought some black eyelashy stuff to maybe put at the wrists... we'll see.

Anyway, they're going really fast. I just started them last night. The pattern seems a bit asinine... why wouldn't you knit gloves in the round? Since I haven't made gloves before, I'm following the pattern... but it seems there has to be a better way.


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