Friday, October 01, 2004

Yay... a pair of baby socks!

As long as Sam didn't grow too much since Tuesday, I think these should fit for at least another day or two! He's pretty funny... he likes the first sock I made for him. When I show it to him, he gets really happy and sticks his little foot out so I can put it on. I hope he likes having 2 matching socks to wear!

I think my next endeavor has to be my "homework" for Stitches East. 3 8" swatches shouldn't take me too long.

I might have a chance to teach a new knitter tomorrow! One of my patients (hi, if you're reading this!) said that she'd love to learn to knit. I'm looking forward to helping someone new get addicted to knitting! Is this how drug dealers feel when they sell drugs to young children?


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