Saturday, October 30, 2004

My computer has been acting up again... I think we have tried EVERYTHING to make this spyware go away... and it does... and then comes back with a vengeance. Feh.

THANK YOU to everyone on the RAOK ring for your birthday e-cards and wishes. I had a good day Thursday-- went to work. My friend/neighbor/caterer Mindy catered lunch for the office... very yummy stuff.

Look what my mom & dad got me!

Nope... not balls of yarn. I had that... they got me a ball winder & swift! The picture above is the result of me playing with it. Cool, right? Now I only want to buy skeins that need to be wound, so that I get to play with my new toy. Of course, I want to use my newly-balled yarn right away... but first, I should finish this:

Actually, since I took the picture, I am just about done. Time to really figure out this twisted cord thing. Then Sam & I will have matching hats... I want to get Heilo to do Jonathan's (the Baby Ull would take WAY too many stitches!)

I probably could have finished the hat a while ago, but I gave in & jumped on the poncho bandwagon, and started this:

It's the Lacy Poncho from Chicknits, done in KPPPM. I wasn't sure I liked it, but Sue & Kiesha gave it official seals of approval, so I will continue.


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