Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm working on the Aran Watch Cap... it's really a pretty pattern, and I'm using some yarn that's been sitting in the cabinet of unfinished projects for ages.

Really, though, this is just an interim project until I can get to the yarn store & buy yarn for Sam's hat. Jonathan has decided that the hat for him is a bit small... but it fits me perfectly... so how 'bout that! I have a new hat! I do want to make ones for both Jonathan & Sam though. Of course, I also want to finish the sleeves for the fir cone lace sweater... and start a sweater for Sam with some of the yarn I bought at Stitches... and about a zillion other things.

Bobbi Bear says, "Hey! Don't make fun of me! I can hear you!" Ah yes, one of the many benefits of having ears.


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