Saturday, October 02, 2004

I helped add a few new knitters to the world today. Jan, her friend Jen, Jen's daughter Tori, and Jan's son Matt all showed up at my office after work-- yarn and needles in hand. Jan & Jen had both been able to knit at one time, but had forgotten... so they were able to get back on track again pretty quickly. Tori & Matt (I think they're both around 9?) did VERY well for first-timers too! It was a REALLY fun way to spend an afternoon-- and we're going to do it again soon. I have another patient who is interested-- her husband suggested that we call our group "The KnitWits"... which I love!

I have new respect for people who teach others to knit... teaching knitting is hard! I think it was especially hard because I knit Continental. I didn't really have a good feel for correcting mistakes-- like how far do you let someone go in the wrong direction before you point out their error... because you don't want to hang over every stitch, but you don't want them to get a bad result either...

I love knitting (duh, really?), and want to teach other people so they can love knititng too... but I think I could have done a better job teaching them if I had some more experience teaching. So I think I may take a beginning knitting class (is that silly?) or at least talk to some people who teach knitting, to find out how I can be better at teaching someone. I'm open to suggestions.


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