Friday, October 15, 2004

The hat is almost finished. I need some help with the twisted cord, and am hoping that someone out there in blogville can assist!

So I get how to make the tassel. I finish the tassel, and now have 6 strands of yarn threaded through the top of the tassel, with ends together, so it's kind of like 12 strands. I know how to twist the cord. What I don't get is how to get the end of the cord that will go near the tassel to blend in so it's not noticeable. Right now, I have a big knot, and ends... it's rather unpleasant. Is that making any sense? I hope so... and hope someone can help me. The sad part is, I've done these before AND I have written instructions... and still can't figure it out!

Faceless One-Armed Bear says, "This is just humiliating now."


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