Saturday, September 18, 2004

For anyone keeping track, I have 3 projects nearing completion. Bobbi Bear, Grandma's Cataract Socks, and the Fir Cone Lace Sweater (well... it's not really nearing completion, but it's progressing)... here's the front.

I think it's my goal (does setting goals defeat the entire purpose of knitting?) to finish all 3 of them before Stitches East. Maybe the Bea Ellis hat (which I haven't started yet) too. Then I won't feel the least bit guilty about buying new stuff & starting it right away. Actually, maybe I'll just finish all the sweater pieces, because I'm taking a finishing class at Stitches, so it will come out better if I wait.

Sam wanted me to include the following public service announcement:
If you're hungry, there is always something good to eat on the floor underneath your high chair.

And on a personal note... HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY to jw... my BOOBfriend, knitting buddy, and one of my 3 loyal blog readers.


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