Monday, September 13, 2004

Back from Vegas! The trip got much better once Jonathan & Sam started feeling well again. We saw a lot of great stuff-- I think my favorite had to be Red Rock Canyon... it was so beautiful & quiet. I wished I had something to knit!

I had lots of other knitting time though-- Sam never quite adapted to the time change, so he was going to sleep for the night around 6:00 pm... mostly, I worked on the match to Grandma's cataract sock... I'm just about ready for the toe decreases.

I worked on the fir cone lace sweater too-- will have pictures soon.

And Yay! I got an RAOK in the mail-- 3 really cute stitch markers from
Andrea. I really really love them-- MUCH cuter than the safety pins I've been using. It sounds silly, but I always wanted stitch markers... and now I have 3!

Too stressful catching up at work today. Makes it almost not worth going away. Bah!


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