Friday, July 23, 2004

(waving tentatively)

I'm still here! 

Work has been stressing me out-- Kiesha's been out sick (nothing like a week away to remind your coworkers how important you are), another part-time staff person resigned... and we only had 4 people (2 part-time) to begin with... so it's been nuts!  I interviewed 2 people that I really liked, and part of the stress has been trying to figure out how to hire both of them.  They're different, and have different strengths, but would both fit in to our office really well.  We have about enough work right now for one full time person, plus half of another, but we are growing so quickly, that it won't be long until we can support a 4th full time person.  So the question is whether we should just hire both now, or take the chance that a great person gets away.  I should know by the end of today.

Anyway, the perfect antidote to stress is knitting, of course (I'd hate to check the gauge on the rows I did last night... I kept having to remind myself to breathe and let go of the yarn).  I finished the back of the fir cone lace sweater.  I was all set to take a picture and come up and post... when I spotted a MOUSE in my house, freaked out, and ran into the bedroom (with my sweater of course), and stayed there for the rest of the night.

So I will post a picture tonight.

Today, I'm going to Treasure Island's big clearance sale-- hoping to enrich my life with some really cheap yarn.  Last year, I was just coming out of my crochet potholder phase, and was delighted to find Sugar N Cream for 23 cents a ball.  I hope there is lots of yarn on sale!


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