Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Uh oh... better call the doctor... I have a BAD case of STARTITIS!

I've been friends with Kim for forever... I think we were 2 years old when we first met. I'm an only child... so growing up, Kim's sister Alison was as close to a little sister as I had. Alison is pregnant... her baby shower is in the not-too-distant future... so I decided to put down the fir cone lace sweater for a bit, and make her a hoodie sweater. It's the same pattern as Sam's, but I'm using Lion Microspun... the back is finished, and I'm working on the front.

I also called Knit Happens today & ordered the pattern for Bobbi Bear. I love the pictures on their blog-- he is SO cute! I bought "Thick & Quick" yarn at Michael's... and I know I'll be starting that as soon as the pattern arrives! I actually considered asking them to read me the first few lines of the pattern over the phone so I could get started... I restrained myself.


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