Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I was WAY too tired to knit last night... so what did I do? I knit (knitted?) anyway... just a few rows... enough to make a mistake, and then somehow knit four rows over it without realizing there was a mistake in the pattern. I spent this morning's knitting time (in the parking lot of Target, with Sam asleep in the carseat) figuring out why I had 106 stitches instead of 113, finding the mistake, and then tinking back (tink = un-knit) to the mistake so I could fix it, which was not an easy task with all of the YO's and K2Tog's and PSSO's!

I hate making not-progress.

The good news is, I fixed the mistake, and re-knit back to where I was... which is really a big thing for me. Projects have been sent to the cabinet-of-unfinished-projects for lesser offenses... so now that all is said & done, I am proud of myself for fixing the mistake, and am looking forward to continuing the sweater.


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