Monday, July 05, 2004

51 triangles... and no baby yet! This race is getting exciting... although I am hoping to lose.

If anyone (Rachel?) has advice on blocking, I'm happy to hear it... I've never blocked any of my knitting before, and I know this is going to need blocking. I want to make the blanket more square, and then flatten out all of the edging before I sew it on to the blanket. How do I do it?

I think I'm going to go to the yarn store tomorrow to pick up yarn for my next project. I'm going to make the Fir Cone Lace Shell from Vermont Fiber Designs. Here's the picture in case you've forgotten.

I'm going to put short sleeves on it, though... so it will be a short-sleeved sweater instead of a shell. Yes, that's correct... Bethany is going to deviate from a pattern! Can it be???

I'm going to also do that Dale of Norway sweater with the ladybugs for Sam... maybe work on both at once... but I want to go back to Belmar for the yarn for that one... so it will be a little while until I can get there.

Off to do a few more triangles during Road Rules.


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