Thursday, May 20, 2004

Hey! That's not a blanket!

Yes... I couldn't resist... broke down & started another pair of socks. I needed a project that I could take places-- I was hoping to go to the Knitting Meetup last night, and I'm taking my grandmother to the doctor tomorrow... and a blanket isn't really good restaurant/waiting room knitting... so I started a sock. I think this may live in my car... there are so many times that I get home, and Sam is asleep in the carseat, and I would totally take advantage of 15 minutes of solitude. We'll see how it goes.

Work has been nuts-- we got in on Sunday morning to find the power completely out. It wasn't restored until late Sunday evening-- on Monday, the entire computer network was down. Kamal (the computer guy) got it workable, but we had no Internet or e-mail access, the laptop had to be taken out for repair, we can't access the network printer... so workable is a bit of a stretch. It's been really stressful... Kiesha, Rachel & I have compensated by snacking constantly... I just want everything to WORK again.


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