Friday, April 30, 2004

Wow... have I totally been abandoning this blog, or what??? It's been WAY too busy lately.

Sam is crawling, and is getting into EVERYTHING... I can't leave him alone for a second!

Work has been a bit nuts... we had our second exam lane installed last week, and have spent part of every day since then dealing with the electric/computer/equipment issues that have cropped up. We had an Aspex/Manhattan Design Trunk Show on 4/22, which was VERY successful as far as I'm concerned (photo below)... Kiesha has been out sick, and our new part-timer Jayson has started.

In any event, I HAVE been knitting (of course)... I got the Cashmerino Aran, and promptly started on Amy's baby blanket (Hi Amy!)... I realize it is going to be difficult to post pictures, as entrelac doesn't really start to look good until you've made some significant progres... but I will take some pictures tomorrow anyway!


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