Monday, April 12, 2004

Progressing slowly... I got a few inches (maybe 4) done on the cuff of the 2nd sock. I've decided that they are going to be a gift, although I won't say for who (whom?) yet, just in case she reads the blog. I can't imagine myself owning socks I have to hand wash.

I am working on the second sleeve on the hoodie sweater... I sewed the sleeve on to the sweater, and now have to work the side seam. Turns out I did some fudging on the other sleeve, and then matched this one to it, so although I'm seaming much better, I have to purposely screw up... glad Sam will be quite the galloping horse by the time he's ready to wear it!

We only made it to one yarn store in Toronto-- Lettuce Knit-- It was a very cute store, and I was sad that the selection was so small, and I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy (hard to believe in a yarn store)...

So the plan is to get to Glenmarle Woolworks or maybe Knit Kit later this week to buy yarn to make a baby blanket for Amy's not-yet-born baby... the pattern calls for Baby Cashmerino, but I want to do something with a larger gauge so the blanket comes out bigger... I am considering Cashmerino Super Chunky (I think that's what it's called), or I may just use Encore... we will see.

Pictures tomorrow...


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